LIGHT PROTECTION CASE FOR CYTOTOXIC DRUGS (UV BAG COVER) The light-protective case has been 99.97% proven to prevent light from passing through during the administration of cytotoxic drugs which are affected by light during patients administration. The product, which is specially designed to protect chemotherapy drugs from light, has been confirmed by tests to be … Continue reading

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Elastomeric Infusion Pump

Elastomeric infusion pumps are used in chemotherapy infusion treatments. It is a type of pump that works with gravity-dependent pressure and regulator technique. The elastomeric infusion pump is an oncology product developed to enable patients undergoing chemotherapy or pain treatment to be treated at home or at work. It can work without the need for … Continue reading

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Gerdx Endoscopic Method for Treatment of Reflux Disease

The procedure is recommended for patients who complain of heartburn or regurgitation after eating due to laxity in the gastric valve, our gastroenterologists start a treatment plan with PPI (proton pump inhibitors). We offer the GERDX system for the non-surgical treatment of GERD to patients suffering from chronic gastroesophageal reflux symptoms that cannot be controlled … Continue reading

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Endoscopic Method for the Treatment of Obesity: Endalis Ballon

It is an endoscopic procedure in the treatment of obesity. This treatment method is risk-free and economical without the need for surgery and enables patients to lose weight rapidly over a period of 6 months. The Endalis Ballon is imported from France by Melekirmak Medical products as sole distributor in Turkey. The difference from other … Continue reading

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