Elastomeric Infusion Pump

Elastomeric infusion pumps are used in chemotherapy infusion treatments.
It is a type of pump that works with gravity-dependent pressure and regulator technique.
The elastomeric infusion pump is an oncology product developed to enable patients undergoing chemotherapy or pain treatment to be treated at home or at work. It can work without the need for any electricity or batteries.
The elastomeric infusion pump is produced in different volumes to be used in outpatient treatments for 1,2,5 and 7 days. The product is in the volume of 100ML and 275ML. We have products such as 100ML, 4ML/H for 1-day treatment, 100ML,2ML/H and 275ML,5ML/H for 2-days treatment, 275MLx2ML/h for 5-days treatment and 275MLx1.5ML/H for 7-days treatment.
There are two types of infusion pumps hard and soft reservoirs. In addition, a neck strap or carrying bag is provided with the product for patients to carry the product more easily. According to the preference of the patient or physician, soft or hard pumps are used in the treatments.

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