GerdX Reflux Treatment Systems

Gerdx Drug-Free And Non-Surgıcal Solutıon To The Reflux Problem

GERDX is an endoscopic method used in the world for more than 10 years in the treatment of reflux disease.

Reflux is a situation where gastric acids pathological leaks from the stomach to the esophagus

The reason for this is when the lid that connects the stomach and the esophagus is loose normally this valve prevents gastric fluid from escaping into the esophagus.

Treatment methods can be divided into the 3 models which are drug treatment, surgical methods and endoscopic methods.

Drug treatment system generally temporary relief for the patient, but it does not give results by providing definitive treatment.

The success rate of surgical treatment method is higher than drug treatment and together, there are some disadvantages to the patients.

The success rate of surgical treatment method is higher than drug treatment.

Patients prefer this method less because of the general anesthetic effect that the patient receives during the operation and the surgical wounds occurring in the patient so this is a disadvantage of the surgical method.

In endoscopic treatment methods, while laser methods are (success rate 40-45%) but GERDX is (a success rate of 90%) is another endoscopic treatment method.

GERDX is an endoscopic method a procedure that lasts an average of 45 minutes under anesthesia.

With GERDX, the looseness in the lid, which prevents gastric juice from escaping, is tightened with the method we can call stapling via endoscopic ways. Since the procedure is not surgical, the patient can return to daily life after being observed for 6 hours. It is the most preferred method in Europe and America due to the patient comfort and success rate.

GerdX Reflux Treatment Systems