Ebus Method for Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Ebus (endobronchial ultrasound) method, which became widespread in the early 2000s, is used in the diagnosis of lung cancer, which is the most common type of cancer.

It is a procedure performed in a short time such as 15 – 20 minutes with conscious sedation without being hospitalized even in the hospital, where the patient can go home and protects the patients from unnecessary surgeries.

In addition to lung cancer, tuberculosis, sarcoidosis, other infectious diseases, such as lymphomas ia also used in the diagnosis of many diseases and a kind of bronchoscopy method, the success rate of EBUS is 100%

In other words, 90% success can be achieved not only in the diagnosing of lung cancer but also in the early diagnosis of many lung diseases.

In the EBUS method, an ultrasound probe can be placed at the tip of the bronchoscope used for the procedure, and both the optical system that enables the vision of the inside of the airways and the ultrasound system that enables the view of the outside of the airways can be used.

We, as Melekırmak Sağlık, have undergone many important studies in the field of ebus for 8 years. We have continuously improved this needle from our Mediglobe brand and made it the best visible biopsy needle in this area. Every day, our work and improvement continues in the best way possible.

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