Gerdx Endoscopic Method for Treatment of Reflux Disease

The procedure is recommended for patients who complain of heartburn or regurgitation after eating due to laxity in the gastric valve, our gastroenterologists start a treatment plan with PPI (proton pump inhibitors). We offer the GERDX system for the non-surgical treatment of GERD to patients suffering from chronic gastroesophageal reflux symptoms that cannot be controlled with medication. The Gerdx system is shorter, faster, and more painless than laparoscopic surgery (Nissen Fundoplication).
It is a minimally invasive procedure for patients diagnosed with chronic gastroesophageal reflux who have a hiatal hernia up to 3 cm that does not respond to drug treatment. The procedure is performed with endoscopic imaging and is performed by tightening the gastroesophageal junction by placing specific sutures belonging to the product previously loaded into the system thereby recreating the flap valve connecting the esophagus and stomach. The procedure takes max.45 minutes and takes place under anesthesia or deep sedation. Depending on the recommendation of the physician, the patient can be hospitalized for 1 night or discharged on the same day. The fact that the patient can return to daily life very quickly after the procedure offers an important comfort.
Reflux disease Treatment with Gerdx Endoscopic Method gives clinical results similar to known surgical procedures. GERDX procedure is performed by important physicians in authority in Turkey, and it is preferred in terms of effective results and patient comfort.

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