Closed System Chemotherapy Drug Preparation Products


Partners with the Texium™ closed male Luer for closed system access to IV bags.
SmartSite™ needle-free valve bag access port is:
A direct, needle-free access to IV bags for adding or removing fluid
The universal spike adaptor includes:
The ability to fit any ISO standard spike
A dry spike


Caregivers spend every day focused on the health of patients. You may not consider the potential risks that daily exposure to hazardous drugs can have on your physical health causing skin rashes, infert ility, miscarriage, birth defects and possible leukaemia and other cancers.

Our complete system of drug reconstitution products provides safe handling of hazardous medications throughout the entire continuum of care from drug mixing to preparation, transport, delivery and disposal. Our Texium™ closed male Luer and SmartSite™ needle-free valve products partner to form a closed system, featuring no-drip-tip technology designed for a drip-free, leak-free disconnection to help protect healthcare workers and patients alike.

Texium closed male Luer and SmartSite™ needle-free valve products partner together to form a closed system.

It provides leak-free connections and disconnections that help reduce the risk of exposure without adding cumbersome steps to the clinical process.


No-drip-tip technology designed for:

  • Leak-free transfer of drugs
  • Reduces surface contamination

Passive safety system

  • Closes upon disconnection
  • Reduces surface contamination
  • Protects against free-flow

Lock-and-go design

  • Fast and easy connection to SmartSite needle-free valve

Automatic safety lock

  • Helps prevent accidental discharges from a syringe

Patented micro-aspiration technology

  • Reduces risk of exposure to hazardous drug when disconnecting from SmartSite needle-free valve

Key performance specifications

  • Priming volume:Total volume in the male Luer when ~ 0.12 mL not activated
  • Luer flow rate:Test per ISO 8536-4 guidelines 5948 mL/hr
  • Internal diameter:equivalent to 18 gauge
  • Material:Latex free, DEHP-free and ABS plastic free


Vial Caps for 30mm, 20mm and 14mm

  • Specially designed hood is available to safely take medication from the vial and prevent the vial from coming out.
  • Due to a 0.22 micron filter, it allows for easy drug pull from the vial without the need to give air into the vial.
  • It provides protection of drug stability by not giving air to the drug.
  • It provides protection from infection by not giving air to the drug.
  • They are suitable for 30mm, 20mm and 13mm diameter vial heads.
  • Easy to use. A dual lumen system is available for needle-free, sterile drug preparation and quality control.
  • Luer lock cover and needle-free valve ensure safe storage.
  • Provides sequential pull of multiple dose vials.
  • Covered part protects healthcare workers during transportation.


Our award-winning SmartSite™ needle-free valve is one of the most widely used in the world earning its reputation as a proven, Our award-winning SmartSite™ needle-free valve is one of the most widely used in the world earning its reputation as a proven, reliable system. An estimated 600,000 to one million needlestick injuries to healthcare workers occur every year.1,2,3 Job-related needlesticks can lead to serious or potentially fatal infections from bloodborne pathogens. The SmartSite needle-free valve helps to protect your staff from potential and harmful injuries.

With a smooth, swabable surface designed to help clinicians disinfect every access point, our SmartSite technology comes standard on our extensive line of IV sets and accessories that includes primary, gravity, secondary and extension sets.


The ergonomic design of the SmartSite makes it easy to use. The SmartSite features:

  • Flat, smooth top: easy-to-swab
  • Straight-through, non-tortuous fluid path: reduces the risk of hemolysis
  • Needle-free: reduces needlestick injuries
  • Passive system: increases compliance and eliminates the need for caps and cannulas
  • Labelled for use with low pressure power injectors up to 325 psi and maximum flow rate of 10 mL/sec: can be used in radiology (only item codes 2000E7D, 20019E7D, 20039E7D, and 20041E-0006)
  • High chemical compatibility and lipid resistant: suitable for use with a wide variety of drugs
  • Metal free: can be used in MRI
  • DEHP-free: suitable for neonates, paediatrics and adults
  • Latex-free: eliminates potential for latex sensitivity