Sızdırmaz Atık Sistemi

SealSafe®- waste sealing units by Berner International have been used successfully in many laboratories for decades. The principle is based on the fact that toxic or infectious waste can be directly sealed aerosol-tight in a special tubular foil with a high protective barrier. The SealSafe® pro triggers the foil transport and the sealing process in a contact-free manner via sensor. This means that problematic laboratory waste is safely preconditioned and stored temporarily. SealSafe® pro presents the latest revision and improvement of our older device generation. Design and technology were completely revised to the state-of-theart. As a mobile “stand-alone” version, the original SealSafe® pro is designed as an open device shape, so it can be used with many different container types, with the waste filling level easily visible.

The mobile waste sealing unit SealSafe® pro is optional available as a closed version. In this version, the collection container is completely covered by a high-quality, powder-coated Zincor steel housing. For removal, the interior is accessible through a door. The design completely prevents the possibility of tipping over. At the same time, visual protection is given for some types of waste which are aesthetically unpleasant. This may be advantageous in facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes which are open to the public.

The functionality of the SealSafe® pro is enhanced by an optional footswitch function. This ensures that any contact of the user with the hands on the surface of the device is avoided – thus the risk of contamination is minimized.